Cake mix cornbread

10 Jul

I love cornbread. Not just any cornbread though. It has to be JUST right, and I’m sure we all have our own definitions of what ‘just right’ means. For me it has to be moist, cakey (but not too cakey) and with a hint of sweetness. If that sounds good to you, this is your cornbread.

I was so excited to try this but not sure what to serve with it. I figured butter and cornbread did not a full meal make. Soo I opted for chili. Sure it’s upwards of 95 degrees here in Texas but seriously what goes better with cornbread than chili. The chili is my own recipe however I’m currently searching for one on pintrest.

My daughter and I loved this cornbread. I will say my step son didn’t care for it but he’s a picky eater so I tried to not fret about that. Hubby had two pieces so that’s a good sign. I will say it stuck to my baking dish even though I sprayed it generously with cooking spray. Perhaps I didn’t let it cool enough but hey, cornbread is meant to eat hot right?

If you’d like to make this yourself follow the yummy link.




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