Honey chicken kabobs

11 Jul

Tonight I prepared honey chicken kabobs that can be found here.  I marinated the chicken for about 4 hours mostly because the little one took a nice nap that allowed mommy to do stuff. I also chopped up the veggies which were simply green peppers and mushrooms. Folks in the house aren’t fans of onions so those were left out.

Now I have no outside grill to use, you see my husband isn’t very out-doorsy so I opted for my trusty grill pan slash griddle. Which I will never do again. Why you might ask? Well I’ll tell you why. In one simple word. Smoke. O. M. G. Like you wouldn’t believe. I blame the marinade. It started out okay but I started to realize there was a reason the recipe author used an outside grill. I realized that when my eyes started to water. So I got some foil to cover it, which seemed to help and keep the heat in so it was a win-win. Until both kids came to find out what was burning. No mom or chef or anyone preparing a meal wants to hear that. Ever. So I put on the fume hood thing and opened a window. Then a door. Then another fan. Then the front door. Each time I raised the foil it was like unleashing a dragon. But I pressed on. And I’m glad I did. Not only because our house has finally returned to normal but the chicken was really good. As were the veggies. The kids ate almost 5 skewers each (minus the veggies on said skewers) and me and hubby split the rest. I served it over white rice which was a perfect combination.

Will I make this again? Probably not. But the marinade was quite tasty so perhaps that will be made in the future but only to be baked in the oven.

In keeping with our kabob meal I also surprised the kids with strawberry/angel food cake kabobs that can be found here. I served them up with a nice dollop of whipped cream topped with multi colored sprinkles. They went nuts! And probably think I spent hours making it. Which is what I’ll tell them if they ask.




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