Crockpot beef stroganoff

13 Jul

On tonight’s menu was crockpot beef stroganoff. I had always wanted to make this dish but haven’t for one reason or another. I figured the crockpot idea would be simple to do and it was.

Most crockpot stroganoff recipes tell you to sear the meat before tossing it into the crock but not this one. That’s probably part of the appeal. I basically did nothing but open cans and slice up meat. Here’s a trick, slice your meat when it’s partially frozen. Totally makes it easier. So yeah, it really was very simple to make. I had some shrooms left over from last night’s kabobs so I quartered them up and threw them in. The recipe called for button mushrooms and I honestly have no clue if that’s what mine were. I used what I had and I’m not ashamed.

I served it over egg noodles because I think serving stroganoff over anything else is a crime. It was quite tasty but the gravy/sauce wasn’t as thick as I’d have liked. But that’s a minor thing. So if you’d like to make this for your own family please click here.

Kids loved it and my daughter said it was better than the one she eats at school. Well THANK GOODNESS for that! Lol

Side note: as I type this entry, my husband and kids are outside on our patio popping expired popcorn to feed the turtles at a nearby bayou. If you could see the chaos that ensued you’d be laughing much like I am as I watch from inside. Both kids want to put the oil in, both kids want to pour the popcorn and i think my husband is rethinking his master plan of fun at the moment. All the while they are fighting off mosquitos. oh and my husband decided now is the right time to disturb a wasps nest on the patio. Good times. Did I mention the popping goal is not one but TWO garbage bags full of popped corn. Oh yeah.

Again I’m glad I’m inside with a crabby baby than out there.

Until next time…



One Response to “Crockpot beef stroganoff”

  1. wendybe85 July 13, 2012 at 4:29 pm #

    I love beef stroganoff, need to try this recipe.

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