Pepperoni rolls

14 Jul

Tonight’s main feature was pepperoni rolls. Not exactly the type you find at Double Dave’s but pretty close. Truth be told I made these once before exactly as the recipe instructed but THIS time I decided to change things up a bit. As you’ll see in the recipe, you don’t put sauce inside which is how I made them the first time. We dipped our pieces into sauce so this time I put same inside. Don’t do what I did. Let me make the mistake for you. That’s why I’m here. I made two rolls both had cheese, pepperoni and seasonings. I also sautéed my last few shrooms in some garlic infused olive oil I picked up at a farmers market and threw them in one of the rolls. I even tried to be all artsy and put a shroom slice on top of the dough to indicate which was which, but it didn’t really stay put.

So these are quite delish, but again, DIP your pieces in sauce DON’T put sauce inside. It gets too mushy and very hard to cut and eat easily. We will make these again but I do solemnly swear to not put sauce inside. You know you wanna try these, so click here and check it out.

Oh and in case you were wondering about the popcorn / turtle visit here’s how it went down. My entire laundry room smelled like a movie theater which isn’t TOO terrible. They loaded up two full garbage bags of the corn and drove to the bridge where the turtles reside. Except we’ve had a weeks worth of rain which filled the water higher than normal so when the popcorn was released it basically got whisked downstream. We’re not sure how many turtles enjoyed the stuff but we hope a few got a taste.



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