Poke cake

15 Jul

Today was a rather lazy day but I didn’t let that get in the way of my cooking endeavors. Baby and I spent the day with my parents and out of no where my dad says he wants a poke cake. Naturally I sprung into action.

Now I have made these for years and didn’t need a recipe, but I wanted to keep my promise to eat my way thru pinterest so I had to find a recipe. And I did. In little search time even. I love pinterest.

My cake was a French vanilla cake with raspberry jello. As you’ll see, the recipe used strawberry jello but Dad isn’t a fan. Next time I’ll try a flavored cake mix. Mom suggested lemon cake with raspberry jello which I think would be divine. In fact, all the ingredients to make that exact cake now reside in my parent’s pantry. (I’ll do that one next time, Mom).

Nothing makes a lazy day better than a light yummy cake infused with a zing of color and flavor. Speaking of zing, all this cake needed was some coconut and it would have been like the raspberry zingers (be still my heart). I love those things.

If you want to make a poke cake for you or YOUR dad, click here for the pin. I know they’ll enjoy it.



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