Easy garlic chicken

16 Jul

I’m going to say right up front, I altered this recipe. Not because I didn’t think it’d be good as it was written but for different reasons. But I’ll get to that later.

Chicken is in my freezer at any given time. I can prepare almost any dish that uses chicken as a main ingredient because it’s always on hand. Makes it nice but at the same time I’m always met with the same dilemma, what the heck am I gonna DO with it!? Which is why I was excited to find so many chicken dishes on pinterest. This one used things that I had in the pantry and it sounded really good, not to mention easy. So off I went.

As I was sautéing the garlic with the olive oil, I already knew the brown sugar wasn’t going to dissolve as it should. I pressed on but decided to add a splash of soy sauce. Not too much but enough to allow things to blend together into a sauce rather than a paste like I had before. The other reason I added it was because the hubster doesn’t care for sweet entrees. I figured soy would be a good way to counter e sweet but leave a teeny hint of it. It totally worked.

I adjusted the temp of my oven for the original 500 degrees to about 400 degrees. The chicken cooked up very tender, juicy and full of flavor. The soy added a nice well rounded salty was that worked perfectly with the brown sugar. I served it with steamed rice and a side of mixed veggies. Positive reviews were given so this dish goes into the ‘will make again’ list.

If you’re interested in checking this one out for yourself, please click here.



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