Two-fer Tuesday

17 Jul

Since its Tuesday, and we had friends over for dinner, I decided to make two items. Since one was a crock pot dish it was pretty simple.

Our main course was ranch pork chops. The recipe was beyond simple. Package of chops, can of cream of chicken soup and a package of dry ranch dressing mix. You also need a cans worth of water. I was skeptical about this but also figured how bad could it be, it’s meat with a creamy sauce and who doesn’t love the flavor of ranch dressing. After cooking on low for about 5 hours the house smelled great. I managed to remove about 2 cups of the sauce so I could make a gravy. The sauce in the crock pot is a bit thin so if you like some gravy you could do one of two things. Add some cornstarch to the crock pot initially or do what I did and make your gravy in a separate saucepan after cooking has finished. I served this with steamed rice and a California blend of veggies. Everyone loved it. Especially my gravy. Click here for the pin/recipe.

For dessert I opted for the chocolate cake made with Greek yogurt. Yes, that’s right Greek yogurt. Basically take your everyday cake mix, I prefer Duncan Hines, add a cup of plain nonfat Greek yogurt and a cup of water and blend thoroughly. Bake as per instructions on cake box and voila, you have just made probably the simplest, most decadent cake ever. My cake was devil’s food because we are chocoholics. I served this with lowfat frozen yogurt, caramel and/or chocolate sauce, whipped topping and chopped pecans. Omg it was better than anything you’d pay for at a restaurant and probably better for you. When you’re ready to make this, and I trust it won’t be too terribly long from now, click here to see the pin as well as the recipe for this cake and other ways to use a cake mix.

Our evening with friends was filled with good food, great people and lots of fun. And the best part is there’s more cake left for me tomorrow!!




2 Responses to “Two-fer Tuesday”

  1. wendy July 25, 2012 at 10:10 am #

    I will be trying this cake recipe today… I have everything I need already so I figured why not! and you make it sound so good!

    • jennyb7611 July 25, 2012 at 10:42 am #

      It’s VERY good. You will ask yourself why you ever used oil and eggs. I have the stuff to make it again myself. Trying to resist the urge but it’s not easy. Lol. Enjoy!

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