Apple cinnamon cake

21 Jul

First I have to start by saying today was a good day. A great day even. My little one and I met a close friend for lunch. We hadn’t seen each other for a while and it was nice to catch up over a yummy, over priced lunch. Maybe not the over priced part. Her little one is almost a year old and so happy. So sweet. Good times

Now I usually come home and start to get dinner ready but that night I took off. I was going out with my long time bestie for dinner and wine. Yum. I don’t do that very often so I was excited.

Now just because I took the night off doesn’t mean I’m off the hook with my pinterest endeavors. No siree. Soo I made something the night before. And heres how that went.

We love sweets in our house and I’m amazed we everyday that we don’t weigh 1000 pounds. If I keep up this pinterest business we just might get there. I digress. I’ve always liked apple cake. Have never made one so I was happy to test this simple two ingredient cake out. I had two cans of the filling because I couldn’t imagine one being enough, but it was. It takes a lot of folding to incorporate the apples into the dry mix but, you’ll get there. I added some extra cinnamon to give it a boost of flavor. This is a thicker batter, so you basically scoop and spread instead of pouring it into the baking dish.

I baked it for about 20 minutes when the top was a pretty golden brown but it still had some baking yet to go so in it went for another few minutes. There is a very fine line between underdone and overdone with this cake. When I took this out, it was just to the point of burning on top which really irritated me. But I just grabbed the powdered sugar to sprinkle on top to cut any bitterness that might be there. Truth be told it had zero burnt taste either way, so the sugar mostly covered up the darker color.

After it cooled I sliced two pieces for myself and the hubby and well, I was underwhelmed. It lacked something but I’m not sure what. He liked it, as did his parents. But I probably won’t make it again. I will offer one bit of advice if you decide to make this though: mash up the apples. They fall to the bottom of the dish in the light angel food cake. I think mashing them up would make them, lighter and possibly even better incorporate them into the batter. Oh yeah, and watch your baking time.

If you want to check this out and see how it goes over in your home, please click here.. I’d love to hear how you liked it and if you did anything differently.

Until next time!!



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