Two timin’ pasta

21 Jul

Yes you get two entries today. I know you’re just as excited as I am. I’m actually excited about tonight’s meal.

I love pasta. Always have, always will. Damn you carbs. But I now buy whole wheat pasta so it’s not AS bad. At least that’s what I tell myself when I’m eating. If you love pasta dishes then you simply MUST try this one. I found it, of course, on pinterest but the link takes you to a blog that I’ve visited in the past. Click around on her blog as she’s got lots of great things there. In fact, I’ll be blogging about another one of her dishes in the future. But tonight, let’s talk about some two timin’, and I don’t mean the kind that happens on Jerry Springer.

You have one jar of marinara and one jar of alfredo what would happen if you mixed them together? Well I kinda think the same thing as when you mix chocolate and peanut butter. YUMMY-NESS, that’s what happens.

Now I can’t say my measurements were spot on, but they were pretty darn close. I had a huge jar of marinara leftover from something else I made so I just used what was left. When I blended it with the Alfredo sauce it seemed perfect. I dumped my mozzarella cheese with the sauce(s) and patiently waited for the pasta to cook. I used whole wheat penne, btw. Yes indeed.

While the pasta got warm and bubbly in the oven, I took a large chicken breast, butterflied it and made two cutlets (I was pretty excited that I did this. I even went to announce my achievement to the hubby who was feeding our little one, but somehow he didn’t get the real draw. I mean, I took a whole chicken breast and created TWO chicken breasts. With a knife and precise slicing skills. I didn’t have to pound them to a pulp to get a nice thin breast I did it with a knife). I shall use this skill again very soon. I then told him that all my hours spent watching ‘chopped’ and ‘top chef’ have paid off. I digress.

So back to the chicken. I had my TWO breasts seasoned with salt, pepper and basic Italian herbs and I place them in a warm skillet with my garlic infused olive oil. Sooo good. The chicken cooked up perfectly and I sliced bite size pieces to serve on top of the pasta.

Now, here’s the sad part. My fancy whole foods Parmesan had MOLD in it. I was so mad because I hadn’t even used it yet. Maybe I should have looked at the ‘packaged on’ date more closely, mental note for future shopping, sooo I had to toss it. And I was forced to use, cue dramatic music, grated parm from a can!!! Cue bloodcurdling screams. You know, with all due respect to the can parm cheese people, it wasn’t too terrible and worked just fine. I will use the real stuff next time.

This pasta is absolutely wonderful. I could have eaten the entire pan myself but that’s crazy. Right? I can’t eat the entire dish by myself. Right?!

So, click here and check it out. And don’t forget to check out the rest of the blog too. Lots of fun stuff there. And I know these things cuz I’m a fun seeker.

Happy Saturday!



2 Responses to “Two timin’ pasta”

  1. nothingspotless July 22, 2012 at 5:07 pm #

    silly girl…you just cut the mold OFF the cheese…. and grate it up. that stuff is like GOLD!

  2. BFF_Dawn July 23, 2012 at 10:32 am #

    For the record, it’s entirely okay to eat the entire pan by yourself. 😉

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