Monday night meal

23 Jul

As you can see, last night I was off duty. The hubby and I had went to see the new batman movie. I must tell you I was a bit uneasy. Not because I thought something tragic was going to happen, but just that so many other people did exactly what we did, went to a movie, assumed they’d make it home, just like we did, only something went terribly wrong and their lives will never be the same. No one knows why it happened just that it happened. The entire time I sat in the theater, I was looking around at the vast open air, mostly keeping my eye on the exit. Then I tried to imagine at what point in the movie things went wrong. There were many scenes that were loud and anything going on would have been muffled by the movie sounds. I imagined what I would do in that situation. No one knows. I hope I never find out. My hearts go out to the people affected by this horrible tragedy and my prayers are with them.

I feel odd to talk about food after that, but the show must go on I suppose. But before I talk about tonight’s dinner, let me tell you about how the two timin’ pasta reheats. PERFECTLY. I was worried the Alfredo sauce would get all jacked up and oily like it normally does but I think combining it with the marinara, well does a good thing. So if you make this and don’t devour the entire pan yourself, fear not about reheating it the next day, or later that night even. It’s just as yummy.

Ok so tonight. SO good. SO SO good. (have you see Sophia Grace and Rosie on ellen or YouTube? I borrowed that phrase from them. Love those two crazy girls and I need to send wine to their moms. Ha.) Ok I made the copy cat Taco Bell Mexican pizza. But the term ‘copy cat’ doesn’t do this dish justice. I would rather say gourmet Mexican pizzas. With Spanish rice in a rice cooker on the side. In true fashion, I did do some minor adjustments for our meal.

I used lean meat, home made taco seasoning, and I incorporated refried black beans into my beef. I did this to save time mostly. I have to tell you, this dish was the bomb diggity (do people still say that?). I don’t care. This was money (big up to guy fieri). I can’t even begin to tell you how good it was. I used our standard salsa, herdez brand, but found it to be too watery so I just used the Taco Bell kind they sell in stores now. I think this was the better option. Would you believe the ONE time I don’t buy cheddar cheese I have like NONE in the house?! Ok I had SOME but nearly as much as I wanted. But even going easy on the cheese, this was delicious. Hubby loved it as did my big girl. A bonus to this dish is it looks great on the plate. I sliced mine in quarters with a pizza cutter and put a scoop of the rice in the center. Presentation is key after all. (more on the rice in a second).

So basically, do yourself a favor, do your FAMILY a favor and click here and make this very soon. If you aren’t over the moon for this like I was, well you’re just crazy or you did something wrong.

Now, the rice. I’ve never made Spanish rice because it never turned out right for me. So I gave up. Until now. This was a perfect partner with the pizza. And in a rice cooker?! Shut. Up. Yes. Omg. I, again, adjusted this for us and only used a cup of rice instead of 3 as listed in the recipe. For the water, I drained a can of rotel and the just added enough water to get to two cups. Poured that in, as well as the rotel stuff of course and about 1 1/2 tablespoons of taco seasoning. It was perfect.

So again, you need to make this. It really is perfect for a rice cooker and the flavor is incredible. Did I mention how easy it is? I mean you probably have what you need in your pantry right now. What are you waiting for? Go make it. Well click here to make sure you have everything THEN go make it. If you want.

Side note: is anyone else addicted to ‘American Ninja Warrior?’. Its taken me over an hour to type this because the finale is on now and I can’t NOT watch this stuff. Are these guys for real? I hate this show is over but I guess instead of this crazy stuff, I’ll have the olympics to watch. Win/win I suppose.

Now go make this food. You know you want to.




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