A hump day par-tay

25 Jul

As you can see, I took another night off. My bestie Brandi and her hubby met us for dinner. We actually went to the same place she and I went last Friday night (yeah we danced on tabletops…) ((not really but I did have too much wine)).

So that brings us to hump day, Wednesday, middle o the week. I opted for a meat free meal but I truly don’t think anyone noticed. I made the tomato soup a la crockpot and grilled mozzarella cheese sandwiches. May I just say the entire meal was quite yummy. And easy, yet again.

Let’s breakdown the grilled cheese sandwich, shall we? I made the bread, didn’t buy a loaf. That’s right, you read that right. Made. The bread. (if you must know, I had a frozen loaf left from the pepperoni rolls so I used that, but I still thawed it, let it rise and baked the damn thing. Ergo, I made it.). I bought some cheese at a recent whole foods outing and sliced it thin.. Make a note of that cuz you truly do need to slice it thin. Otherwise it doesn’t melt or soften up nicely. I didn’t have fresh thyme, I know clutch the pearls, but I had dried thyme so I used it instead. I think it was fine. You basically make French toast stuffed with mozzarella. Savory, not sweet. Good just the same. I made 5 of these suckers before the night was over. The in laws came by and ate. I have to say the bread being fresh truly made this as good as it was.

Now for the soup. I cut this recipe in half because I didn’t need a ton of soup in my freezer. Just not enough space in there. So instead of 6 large tomatoes, I used 3. I reduced the other ingredients too. Truth be told I just eyeballed it all. No measuring cups or spoons. I did use my emulsion blender thing and it made the chunky soup nice and smooth.

I served these on the same plate sort of like a soup and sandwich special at your local diner. Only Guy Fieri didn’t show up to flirt with me or give me a knuckle bump. Sad but true. I do think this dish will become something I make again. If not the soup, for sure the sandwich. It was simple and so yummy. No complaints from anyone who was lucky enough to taste these two dishes. So I encourage you to check them out at your leisure. Click here pleaseto check out the sandwich. Click here for the soup recipe.

Side note. Did I tell you I started following Tori Spelling on pinterest? I totally did. I envision her seeing the email saying I’m following her and she goes to check out my boards, likes what she sees and follows me. Then she finds my blog and starts following it as well. Then she emails me and we become email pals and dish about how Brenda whined too much and how Steve really never grew up. (like donna martin wouldn’t want to hang with me. I could totally relate to her.). ((LOVE that soap net airs my beloved 90210 not once but TWICE a day. And yes I still watch them.))

Donna Martin graduates!




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