Creamy garlic pasta

26 Jul

Today was a loooong day. I’m not sure if it was because my sweet girl decided to start stirring in her crib at 2am (she never officially woke up until 5am but she has a knack for stirring enough that she fully wakes herself up and is ready to party). Or it could be the heat, my God the heat (can you name the show that line is from? 5 points if you can.). Or it also could be that my sweet girl turned into a crabby patty around 5pm and didn’t chill out until 15 minutes ago. She’s sleeping in my lap at this very moment an I’m paranoid she’s going to wake up at 2am ready to party for real. I’ll let you know tomorrow. Cross your fingers for an easy night, will ya?

Now, onto the real reason you’re here, the food. Remember last week when I mentioned getting a sneak taste of a dish at my friend’s house? Well I made it tonight. Creamy garlic pasta. I would venture to say this is a home made version of the rice-a-roni angel hair pasta sides, and honestly, this home made version is just as easy and much tastier. The directions are easy and I really didn’t change it much. I did add green peas though. I’ve always thought peas and creamy pasta sauces go hand in hand. I served this along side a nicely sautéed chicken breast. Lightly seasoned, of course. Everything was great and ready to eat in less than 30 minutes. Eat your heart out Rachael Ray. As my pal said earlier when she made this, it’s a great base sauce that could easily adapt to any cheese. I highly recommend you click here and check this out for yourself.

Oh and by the way, Tori Spelling still hasn’t started following me yet. Bummer. Good things to those who wait.

Peace out!


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