Easy peasy pedi

29 Jul

As you can see I took another day off on Saturday. I don’t think I made anything except a frozen pizza. My freezer, pantry and frig are bare and it’s time for mama to go shopping. But not before I give myself a quick pedicure using a technique I found on, where else but, pinterest!

I don’t know about you, but giving myself a pedicure is about as easy as bending over backwards (and sometimes I feel like if I could do THAT the pedi would be prettier). I could never keep the polish off my cuticles, let alone the surrounding skin. If I were using red polish, it usually looked like I walked barefoot through a crime scene. (not kidding). So when I stumbled upon this nifty trick, well I had to give it a go.

I went out, grabbed myself some Aquaphor and got everything ready to go. I didn’t have a cuticle stick but I didn’t think that would cause too many issues. I assembled everything and started to apply the lotion, ointment, whatever the hell Aquaphor says it is with a q-tip and then applied a dark cherry brownish polish. My toes looked horrible but I hoped they’d look more like toes when I removed the excess polish.

After they were totally dry, I held my breath as I ran my thumbnail around my nail beds removing the excess polish. and you know what?! It TOTALLY worked! I was very surprised, pleasantly surprised actually cuz I hated to think I’d have to remove all that mess if it didn’t work.

I sort of want to try this on my fingernails but I seldom wear polish. But it should work there too so let me know if you’ve tried it with success.

So the next time you’re in between spa pedicures or just bored on a Sunday, give this a try. Your toes (and your pocketbook) will thank you!



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