She’s crafty!

31 Jul

Ok I need to make a confession. I’m not THAT crafty. (but how about using an old school Run DMC song for the blog title? Come to think of it, isn’t ALL Run DMC stuff old school now?). I never have been a crafty gal. I see things and think, ‘I could do that’, so I go buy the stuff and never actually DO it. Sure when I was little I made these magnets made from the shell of a walnut half, google eyes, some red and white felt and a rubber band. Poof! You got a Santa hat wearing mouse magnet. I made tons of them and even sold a few somewhere. But I was 10 and it was cute to make that stuff. Now, as a 40 year old gal, the stakes are higher and people expect more from your DIY attempts.

I’m so excited to share with you, MY very own pin. Now, I was inspired by another pin which I’ll share with you also. I’ll also confess that I set out to recreate the original idea but when I couldn’t find the right letters, I went into plan b. I’m pretty pleased overall.

I got plain craft paint in black and a red metallic. Painted on the black first then went over it twice with the red, letting it dry in between coats. That’s it! I hung them with command strips. I now want to find an exclamation point or something because (another confession) its a bit off center. If I could add something after the ‘T’ it’ll be perfect. So my search will continue in a couple days.

So, check out my pin here and see the finished product for yourself. Here’s the original pin as well. I do love this look but it didn’t work out at the store and the original letters were a bit smaller than I wanted. I’ll probably try this one somewhere though.

Happy crafting!


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