How to get your kid to eat eggs

2 Aug

The entire reason I made this was for my daughter jordyn. She hates eggs or at least she thinks she does. Let me first start off by saying this young lady is the sole reason I am who I am today. You see, 20 years ago I said I never wanted to be a mom. It just wasn’t something I thought I wanted. Not sure why but growing up I played with Barbie instead baby dolls. In fact, my first baby sitting job was for a 6 year old so being around babies wasn’t something I knew or even understood.

But 10 years into my first marriage I was worn down and got pregnant. I was beyond freaked out but when I saw the ultrasound and heard the little heartbeat I knew I was going to be a mommy. Jordyn’s diaper was the first one I ever changed. Crazy right? So yeah, she taught me everything I know today about being a good mommy. I adore that girl. So much that I gave her THE coolest name EVER! Jordyn Mackenzie. Seriously it just fits doesn’t it? She owns that name too. I knew she would.

She is truly her own unique person and embraces who she is. Which is a total tomboy. It used to make me crazy cuz every mom wants their little girls to play with their shoes, make up and jewelry not toy trucks, mud or Legos. But I no longer care. I love who she is and I love that, even though most of her school friends are into ‘bratz’ or ‘brave’, she loves hockey (technically we both do. It’s our thing. Go Aeros!) and monster jam (I do as well but sometimes it gets too loud. El Toro Loco rules!).

On rare occasion she let’s me straighten her hair or dust her face with bronzer. It’s times like those I know deep down she IS my girly girl.

So back to the food. Jordyn has a strong dislike for eggs which makes it SUPER hard to find a decent breakfast for her before a long day at school. I’ve tried many things, all failed miserably. The only thing she likes are sausage links and cheese wrapped in a crescent roll. (we all like those). So when I stumbled on this breakfast casserole recipe I thought, ‘hmmmm I wonder…’. And now I know.

I cut the recipe in half and used a square 8 x 8 baking dish, half of the crescent rolls, 3 eggs, half the sausage and probably all of the cheese. Lol. We love cheese. I reduced the spices too. I baked it and hoped it would be successful and I think it was.

The boys ate it up and jordyn was skeptical but she tasted it. And praise the LORD she liked it!!

Out of an entire 8 x 8 dish, there is a small corner piece left. Success I say!

So click here to check this out. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to trick your egg hater into eating this as well!



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