Meat and potatoes, yes indeed

2 Aug

Little by little I thought I’d tell you about the people I control, er um live with. Yeah. that sounds better doesn’t it? What better place to talk about family than a blog about food? Yeah our family is your everyday, average mom, dad, son, daughters, cats and dog, except I think the proper term for our unit is called a blended family.

My husband has a child from his first marriage, like me. That’s actually how we met. Our kids went to the same school for kindergarten and we bumped into each other one day and it was all over. Ok technically it took me MONTHS to get his attention, but once I got it, it was all mine. Now his son’s, not so much.

Aldemar is 10 just like Jordyn but they are two totally different kids. Aldemar and I get along fairly well most days, but on occasion we collide. In a bad way. You see, AB positive and I have very different ways of parenting. Mine are superior of course, but we won’t go there.

I do love that boy like my own and I think that could be the problem. I used to parent him, mother him and do the things a mom does for her kids, but he resisted me each and every time. I then realized he has a mom and doesn’t need another one so I took some steps back. Things are different but we are friends which, at this point, I’ll take. The one thing that’s always worried me where aldemar is concerned was my cooking. He’s very picky and likes to put hot sauce on everything. So cooking for him has always made me nervous. It’s always a gamble.

But who can go wrong with meat and potatoes, I ask you? Not me, that’s who!

I found this recipe and thought it’d be a good one to try. So here’s how that went down. I mixed lean beef with ground turkey for my patties. I only did this cuz I invited my parents for dinner and didn’t have enough of one meat so I had to combine them. I thought it was pretty good. I couldn’t find condensed French onion soup. Anywhere. I found a can of the soup and grabbed two and only when I opened it up to use tonight did I realize it was NOT condensed. That’s ok though. I recovered well I think. I mixed in a bit of the soup, the breadcrumbs and egg and formed my patties. I made 12 total but froze 4 for a future meal (go me!). When it came time to make the sauce, I dumped the rest if the soup, the seasonings and ketchup into my skillet. And no I didn’t drain the fat. I used olive oil and thought it’d be ok. I simmered the soup mixture for a few minutes scraping up the meaty goodness from the bottom. Then I added my steaks. I omitted the water since my soup was not condensed, just so ya know.

They simmered the entire time I made the mashed potatoes, veggies and these yummy pillows. Which turned out great, by the way.

The rolls were super easy. I followed the directions exactly as written and had no problems making them. It is a sticky dough but I sprayed my hands with cooking spray a few times. Totally worked great. I was able to make 12 rolls and there are ZERO left.

Everyone loved the entire meal. Happy plates all around. Aldemar, ate two steaks, two servings of potatoes and three rolls. I have never seen that boy eat that much EVER! And he didn’t even use hot sauce. AB positive later told me aldemar said I was one of the greatest cooks in the world.

I guess pinterest is starting to pay off!




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