Monday fun

6 Aug

Did you miss me over the weekend? I’m sure you did. Fear not, for I am back in action today.

Truth be told I actually made a pinterest meal over the weekend, I’m just going to store it away until I need something to blog about.

Today was a good day. I escaped to do some retail therapy while AB positive stayed with sweet Ava kitty and Aldemar. I hadn’t really gone shopping for more than a few things here and there. I’m 3 months post partum and in need of some more transition clothes til I reach my pre pregnancy weight. And I WILL reach my pre pregnancy goal weight. I have some kick ass clothes to get back into, dammit.

I also had lunch with a close pal of mine so it was nice to catch up on the workplace gossip and see what’s new in her world. I finished my outing with a trip to pick up groceries. Woo hoo. I needed stuff to make for dinner. Speaking of, here’s how that went.

I opted for a meal I thought Aldemar would enjoy. For some reason, taco pasta stood out. You can check out my pin here. I made this fairly quickly and I followed the directions pretty close. I didn’t use sour cream because no one in this house (myself excluded) likes the stuff. Whackadoodles I say, but I digress. Instead, I used a bit of chobani plain Greek yogurt. I have a pin that tells you how to sub that stuff for various things. It’s pretty cool. I do think the actual sour cream would have given this dish a more zippy flavor. And honestly, no one would have known it was even in there.

I read the bloggers tip and used half a packet of taco seasoning. I think I should have used the whole packet. Next time, I will make my own seasoning though. All in all this was a winner for everyone. I just felt it lacked something. Salt. Pepper. Chili powder. I don’t know but something. Having said that – there are no leftovers to be found. When Jordyn got home she ate some so it’s all gone. I guess that means its a kid friendly meal.

For dessert I opted for this beauty. It, too, was easy to make but it just didn’t taste as coconutty as I would have thought. I think next time, I’d use less sweetened condensed milk and maybe add some toasted coconut flakes on top. It’s basically a tres leches cake with coconut flavor. Very good just the same.

So while I found some flaws in tonight’s meal, those i love and cook for, did not and I suppose that’s all that matters.




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