Spice girls

12 Aug

So in honor of the Spice Girls reuniting for the Olympic closing ceremony, I made something a tad spicy. It’s not even on pinterest… Yet. Ha! Did I mention I always wanted to be Posh Spice. Even before she scored Becks. I loved her style. Still do. She’s a badass. I do wonder if she’s nice at all in real life. You know? I’m willing to bet Tori Spelling is ÜBER nice in real life. (and no she hasn’t started following me…yet. Ha!)

So ok. I made a dish called ‘chicken enchilada casserole’. catchy name huh? I’ll think of something better by the end of this post. Anyway, I had two large boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into about 1 inch chunks, 1 large sweet potato, also cut into 1 inch chunks, 1 can(15oz) enchilada sauce, 1 packet of taco seasoning, shredded cheddar cheese for topping. So everything goes into your crockpot and you put it on low and that’s basically it. I was supposed to add in 2cups ish of frozen kernel corn but time got away from me. So for a starch, I served this over steamed rice smothered with the cheddar cheese. It was SO good!

I took a picture of my bowl so please accept my apologies for the missing section. I had already started to eat when I thought to snap a picture. Hee Hee.

Today I also completed a pinterest project I had been intrigued by for quite some time. click here to check out the link. It wasn’t too difficult to make once you get going. It was actually sort a fun. I did regret not adding an extra line for my days of the week but I’m going to try and live with it this way. The picture at the bottom is my own work of art.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to sing along with Mr. George Michael because ‘freedom’ is one of my favorite songs.




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