Just another manic Monday

14 Aug

Yesterday was Jordyn’s second official day of school. Yeah we start earlier than the rest of the nation. Come to think of it, we start earlier than the rest of the city! She goes to a private school. If you’ve ever seen, what I think is one of the most brilliant shows NOT on tv (alongside Seinfeld of course), ‘the new adventures of old Christine’ it’s sort of like Richie’s school. Private, wealthy families (unlike us) and some snooty moms floating around. I’m, of course, old Christine. The woman who wants desperately to fit in and be liked by everyone, while staying true to who she is and doing the best for her kid. And a little nutty. Oh but the one GLARING difference between me and Christine, I mean besides the fact that it’s a tv show and I’m in real life, is that I DO NOT have a close relationship with my ex husband. In fact, I always found that part of the show odd. But I still watch it in reruns. If there were ever a conflict between ‘old Christine’s or ‘90210’ I’d be in serious trouble. Omg throw in ‘Seinfeld’ and I’d get in the fetal position and rock myself to sleep. Nah, not really. I’d figure out which episodes they each were and flip back and forth between two of them. Ok all of them.

So back to food. I made pork chops. Mostly because I had these pinned for a bit, had everything to make them, and they baked in the oven, which meant I could do something else while dinner cooked itself. click here to see the pin and be taken to the recipe. They were very simple, as you will soon see, to make but I was skeptical about the method. Usually you dredge when you pan fry…or maybe that’s just me. But I followed the directions as written. I tasted my dredging mix to see how it was and it tasted like flour. So I added more pepper and some seasoning salt just for kicks. Now I wish I had added some spicy seasoning salt but I’ll try that next time.

When dinner was served to my troops everyone loved it. I still felt it lacked something but the chops were super tender and perfectly juicy. I served it up with steamed rice (I planned to make mashed potatoes but forgot and made rice instead. Shhh don’t tell them.) and peas. I LOVE LOVE LOVE peas. Would eat them everyday I think.

For dessert, and I wasn’t planning this but when I found out my in-laws were coming, I made the Greek yogurt / chocolate cake mix cake. I’ve made it before and told you about it. Father in law loves this and you always want to be in good with the in laws. Always. (refer to the top paragraph where I talk about wanting to fit in and be liked). I made cake sundaes for Jordyn, my aunt, who is visiting from Phoenix (shout out to Granty Jan!) and myself. The others are more subdued with their desserts and only wanted whipped cream. As if! If there is ice cream, caramel sauce and nuts… It’s gonna go on top of my cake. Dammit.

Tonight my bestie Brandi and her hubby Tommy (who’s also a bestie) are coming to dinner. I’m super excited about the meal but a little nervous because it involves some spice. A jalapeño in fact. I promised to use it sparingly and to keep it tame. I think it’s gonna be awesome but you’ll have to check back tomorrow to find out for sure.

I want to come up with a sign off. You know like Julia Childs’ ‘Bon appetite!’ or something. Nothing corny though. I thought about ‘peace out bitches!’ but that seems harsh even though it’s not intended to be. Then I thought of going old school and just say ‘word.’ but then I thought that was stupid (but I still kinda like it). So I’m not sure. I’m still thinking. In the meantime, leave your suggestions for my closing and I’ll pick one. Unless your suggestions suck then I’m back to square one. 😉




One Response to “Just another manic Monday”

  1. Bestie Brandi August 15, 2012 at 10:56 pm #

    Just wanted to say that the jalapeño popper chicken was amazing. And I’m the reason she was nervous, because I’m a wimp with spicey stuff! It was so tender and juicy and the filling was yum! An I’m eating the cupcake now…I’m so glad my Bestie is cooking her way through Pinterest!

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