Dinner with friends

16 Aug

As you know I prepared dinner for longtime pals Tommy and Brandi. And if you are an avid reader / fan of mine, you read Brandi’s comment about said dinner on my previous post. Well here comes MY comment about that night. It. Was. Awesome. And I don’t care if it makes me sound all braggy either. I made a kick ass meal, people. And you wanna know the best part of all. Ok one of the best parts, there were many. I made it all from scratch! Another best part was the fact that everyone loved it. Everything. From the chicken, to the home made ranch dressing, to the dessert that didn’t quite go as planned. (something else that’s great is that I’m eating thisright now. For breakfast. With a diet coke. Don’t. Judge. Me.)

So dinner. I made this. And I feel I should warn you about a couple things. 1) the recipe is set up for 2 people. I had to triple it. So plan accordingly folks. 2) this is not a meal you could easily whip up after a long day of work, followed by rush hour traffic and then conducting homework duty with the kid(s). No after THAT day, you open a bottle if wine and drink yourself into a slumber. So yeah. This is a meal you plan to make. Like on a weekend. When you got to sleep in. But you do have to make this at some point. It’s that good.

Since I was serving spice lightweights, I only used one jalapeño. I diced it up as fine as I could too. Other than that one modification, I made this exactly as instructed. Toasting the panko beforehand really did give it a nice texture and the chicken baked up beautifully, as did the popper filling.

I served this up with a big leafy salad with this. And I still have tons of it leftover, as well as the dry mix. But it’s SO good. You have to make this too. Promise me you will. Ok? Ok. I have the dry mix in an air tight container and two bottles of the dressing leftover from Tuesday night’s dinner. And just so you know, I served the dressing on salad last night too. It makes tons. If you want, and I wish I had done this, cut the recipe in half. Or make all the dry mix as stated, but when you make the dressing just make half of what it says. Next time I’m doing that. I mean I love me some ranch dressing, but this is slightly ridiculous.

Dessert started out simple enough. I made these. Cake mix and diet sprite. It mixed up nicely and tasted great. I opted for the jumbo cupcake size and made about 10 from the mix. The frosting … didn’t seem to work for me. I had my ‘cool whip’, had my pudding. Mixed them together and decided to pop it back in the frig til I was ready to frost the cupcakes. I think that was the main problem. You see, the pudding and the whipped topping seemed to have a spat in the frig and decided they did NOT want to mesh into a smooth creamy texture. So imagine my surprise when I opened it up expecting to see creamy goodness, but instead I saw an ecru colored mess. I can’t even really describe how it looked. It was thick, almost gloopy with air pockets throughout. I put it in a piping bag anyway and squeezed out some on each cupcake. It looked terrible. You couldn’t even spread it to make it pretty. So I put some of those colored dot things on top to hide the ugly. They tasted great though. But you’ve been warned about the frosting. Can’t blame me!

So what have we learned from this meal? Chicken stuffed with jalapenos, cream cheese and cheddar is super good, homemade ranch dressing is divine but makes enough to host a ranch dressing wrestling match in your back yard and cool whip and pudding mix don’t play well in cold temperatures.

Now go. Eat. And enjoy!

P. S. I came face to face with my worst fear yesterday. ‘old Christine’ AND ‘90210’ were on at the same time! Oh the humanity. And ‘the price is right’ (another guilty pleasure). So I ended up watching 90210, it was the one where David’s dorky friend accidentally shot himself with his dad’s gun. Old Christine was the one where Barb and Matthew get busy just to piss old Christine off. Not one of my faves.

I’m off to get more of the fudge mentioned earlier. You need to make that too. But promise me you’ll either line your pan like it said in the recipe OR butter your dish. I did neither and am scraping each piece out. It’s still addictive though. And since I have to work for each piece, I figure I earned one extra. 🙂





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