Chicken and cheesy taters

19 Aug

Who doesn’t love a good rotisserie chicken? Who doesn’t love a nice crockpot? Who would like to know what happens when you make a rotisserie chicken in the crockpot? Well I did it and here’s how it turned out.

Pretty. Darn. Good. To say I was skeptical about this entire thing would be an understatement. I had no idea how it would turn out. I must confess I opted to not put the paste o’ seasonings inside the bird. Mostly because cramming my hand inside a dead bird isn’t something I look forward to, not even in the name of good food would I do it. So I slathered the paste all over the outside. I will say I thought it was pretty good. The meat was super tender. In fact, I had a hard time serving this because the meat fell off the bone. I managed to give jordyn one drumstick. The other looked like it had seen better days. But still, the taste was perfect. I will say next time I make this, I’ll probably turn the bird breast side down. They were a bit dry so I think if it were upside down the juices would keep the breasts tender. And no, I still wouldn’t put the paste inside the damn thing. So there. click here to check the pin out.

I also made scalloped potatoes. I love these and had never made them before. The recipe was easy, I had everything I needed so I have it a go. They were very good and very easy to make. Jordyn helped me slice them using the food processor. She had a blast with that thing. We also grated our cheddar which, again, she thought was super cool. I think next time I make these I will layer the potatoes and cheese rather than just pour it over the top. They were very good and everyone loved them. My pal Jana told me about here mom’s recipe, which I shall make this week. I’ll let you know how those turn out also. We’ll compare. click here to see the pin.

So if you are in need of Sunday dinner idea, this comes highly recommended. 🙂


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