Cheesy chicken and rice

20 Aug

Little did I know when I planned this week’s menu how incredibly appropriate my timing was.

You see, I chose Monday as a crockpot dinner. And when we woke up this morning our little Ava kitty had, what I thought, the WORST sounding gaggle cough a 4 month old should endure. SO…a trip to the dr was in order. She’s ok. It’s her first cold and we were warned it would get worse before it gets better BUT her lungs are clear and that’s good news. We got a humidifier thingy so hopefully she will have a good night and will start to feel better sooner than later.

So dinner… Yes I am SO glad I opted for a crock pot meal because I had to be a mommy before being a chef. this dish was so easy. I only made a few modifications. I did make the yellow rice last night. Which again, awesome planning on my part right? I used fat free soup and two chicken breasts which were huge!! I didn’t use a whole onion cuz as you know, we aren’t big fans around here.

When everything was done, I added my cooked rice, cheddar cheese – I probably used a cup I didn’t measure. Instead of canned corn, I added frozen peas. Corn didn’t sound good to me and I love peas in dishes like this. I also added some chicken stock to thin the dish out a bit. It seemed too dry so I added maybe half a cup. Again, I didn’t measure. My bad.

When I served this, AB Positive said, and I’m quoting him, ‘wow..that’s delicious. Congratulations.’. So I’m not sure if everything I’ve made up until this point wasn’t WORTHY of a ‘congratulations’ or this dish was incredibly tasty. Both perhaps?

I also promised Jordyn I would make the quick fudge with chocolate and peanut butter. So that’s in the frig cooling down as I type. I’ll let you know how that turns out tomorrow.

Go make this dish when you know you need to get dinner on the table in a hurry. It truly is yummy and is on the table in no time!


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