Let’s talk about pork, baby

27 Aug

First let me start off by saying that, while I have been MIA in the blogging world, I have NOT shirked my responsibilities to food or feeding my family. In fact, I’ve been cooking my butt off which is probably why I’ve BEEN MIA. Lol. The meal I’m telling you about now was made when bestie Brandi and tommy came to dinner. And I must say, it was a showstopper.

I have always liked the idea of making a pork tenderloin but was afraid of the entire process. I think the thought of ME making a tenderloin, something they make on ‘top chef’, just seemed too advanced for a cooking novice like me. Still, I thought telling people ‘I’m making a pork tenderloin for dinner’ sounded fancy and difficult and impressive. Don’t lie, you know it totally does.

So I pinned this recipe for ages before getting up the courage to actually make it, but boy am I glad I did. I marinaded the pork over night. I figured the longer it had to meld together, the better. I do think it paid off. I was worried though that it wouldn’t be done in time. You would think I’d have invested in a meat thermometer by now but I haven’t yet. I will though. You can count on that. And a salad spinner. I want one of those too. I digress.

I served this up with rice and mixed veggies and I must say, the entire meal was perfect. The best part was there were no leftovers. Well I guess if you WANTED leftovers its not ‘the best part’ after all, but I like when everything is eaten. Makes me feel like everyone enjoyed it and I don’t have to find a container to store stuff in. Win/win.

I didn’t make dessert because Brandi picked up a pie. It’s quite funny. It was a frozen chocolate cream pie thing so we left it out on the counter to thaw while we ate. Finally, close to 8pm, I thought, ‘I should go slice this thing up’, but when I went to do it, it was still like a fudgsicle with crust. So I read the box. The ‘quick thaw method’ took 1-2 hours! So I ran a knife under hot water, sliced up 5 pieces of pie and we enjoyed an chilly version of the yummy treat. I thought it was like eating ice cream cake. Except with a crust. It wasn’t bad at all!!

I’m sorry there are no pictures anymore. You see, I updated my apps and apparently someone at pinterest decided that images could be stolen and/or used without permission (so I assume) so now I can no longer save the image. And since I can’t be trusted to take a photo of my food (and I’m not a professional food stylist either), I have no pictures of my goodies. I’ll try to do better thought. But don’t hold your breath.


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