Tex Mex Monday

29 Aug

I have decided I love Mexican food. Not taco bell Mexican food but good stuff. (not that a 89cent burrito won’t hit the spot in a pinch but you know what I mean). I love fajitas (haven’t made them at home yet). I love chimichangas (am afraid to make these at home). I love enchiladas. (which I will tell you about how I made these now).

First, you use this recipe and get all your ingredients. Second you follow the instructions and enjoy. Now I didn’t do anything different with this. Having said that, the next time I make it I will change things up slightly.

I would probably omit the enchilada sauce and use tomato sauce instead. I use home made taco seasoning and that paired with the enchilada sauce made it slightly too spicy for jordyn. She loved it still but I know it was a bit too spicy for her. I think the seasoning and tomato sauce would be fine.

I tried to be all food stylish and what not and serve this on top a bed of the quick rice cooker Mexican rice I told you about before. But I dono, it didn’t look as nice as I intended. But the taste was perfect. We all loved it and there is nothing left to have for lunch.

Soo. If you love tex mex like me, check this out and make it. I think you will be very pleased. 🙂


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