Sunday funday foodfest

3 Sep

Sundays are usually my lazy day / laundry day. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always done laundry on Sunday. I guess because its the beginning of the new week and we’ve worn everything we had clean so it’s time to start over again. Who knows why I chose Sunday I just did. Now, however, I can be found doing laundry on any given day of the week. In fact, I started laundry on Friday so I wouldn’t have to do it on Sunday. It sadly didn’t work though. As I type this on Monday, Labor day, there are towels in the dryer and darks in the washer. Yes, I’m resisting the inevitable.

Sunday though we spent a good portion of the day with my sister in law Wendy. And her gorgeous family too of course. I love spending time with her in her turf because we just mesh so well together. I like to think of us as the best things to happen to our husbands. For those of you who know AB Positive’s past life you will agree. (at least you better agree). I don’t know David without Wendy but I can see how much he adores her, and she him, and it’s just great to be there. When we meet up at our mom in law’s house it’s different. We don’t get a chance to talk much. I guess it’s because Spanish is the primary language there and I don’t speak it. I’m getting pretty good at listening and picking up a few things here and there though. 🙂

So Wendy made a chicken dish she found on pinterest. I made these. Dare I say these were incredible? Cuz they totally were. I blame the bacon. Bacon, like cheese, makes everything better. This is a super simple dish to make. The most difficult part was wrapping the smokies in the bacon. Oh and slicing the bacon. I would suggest putting it in the freezer for a bit before slicing it. It should be easier.

These were sinfully delicious. And addictive. And gone in a short matter of time. Make these for your next Super Bowl party, kids birthday party or a weekend gathering with your family. You will be very popular and will be asked to make them again.

I also made these. I should say straight up, I love nutella. And like my good friend Jana, usually eat it on a spoon. (it’s also great on challah bread). I have seldom enjoyed nutella baked goods, but when it’s a slow Saturday and you have a slight sweet tooth, you start to figure out what you can make. I had everything to make here cookies so off I went.

The original recipe I used had no instructions. Just told me what I needed, how much I needed and how long to bake them. So I had to wing it. I rolled them into balls and baked them for about 10 minutes. Halfway through I realized they were’t flattening out well so I pushed them down a bit with my fingers. (I also burned my forearm in the process – take your pan out, dont be lazy like me).

These actually baked up nicely. They were chewy with a nice crunch on the outside. AB Positive said they needed more chocolate. Truth be told I probably won’t make these again unless I’m asked. The kiddos loved them. So you should given them a try. I’m quite certain they’d be great with vanilla ice cream.




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