Happy b-day, AB Positive

7 Sep

Yes today my beloved is another year older. 42 to be exact. And let me tell you, he looks better now than he did when we met 5 years ago. Seriously. Why is it that us gals buy every cream, concealer and hair color we can get our hands on JUST so we can attempt to stop the clock or freeze time, while the men in our lives look better with each passing year? Or maybe I’m the only one buying those those things. I am, after all, an AVON lady. (DING DONG, Avon calling)

So yes, in honor of AB Positive’s special day, I made him a special meal. I decided to make this. It’s called ‘man pleasing chicken’ so I found it fitting to make this for my man. I had everything I needed so it was a perfect fit. Until I realized I didn’t have enough Dijon mustard. (clutch the pearls!!). So after I squeezed everything I could out of the container, I poured in my rice vinegar and shook the bottle up to release anything stuck to the sides. I did that a couple times actually. Then I added the syrup and stirred it up. I tasted my concoction and it tasted great so I figure my measurements were ok, or close enough anyway.

I have three packages of chicken thighs, from Costco so you can imagine how big they were. I loaded ALL of them into my foil lined baking dish and poured the mustard sauce over all of them. (yes, in case you’re wondering, I made more than the recipe calls for in the sauce department) ((probably about slightly over a cup of the sauce is what I had.)). I also forgot to salt and pepper my chicken before pouring the sauce on so when I turned the chicken halfway thru baking …. That’s when I made my seasoning move. It was just fine.

I will say, this chicken was delish. It browned beautifully, the sauce was perfect and everyone loved it. Aldemar had 4 thighs, which was more than anyone. Funny side note: he thanked me for making it but told AB Positive how good it was. I know deep down I made it so I tucked that little compliment away in my memory. Even though he told his dad, it was meant for me. So yes, this is a great dish. I would say make this for a nice family gathering. I served this with steamed rice and peas.

Dessert was another showstopper. We had no cake. AB Positive (from here on out he is now known by the initials ABP cuz its easier to type.) isn’t a fan of buttercream so he doesn’t like traditional birthday cakes. Being the awesome wife that I am, I made these babies. If you’ve never had Biscoff cookies you can sample them one of two ways. Take a flight on Delta. Or swing by your nearest store. I found these at my local Walmart market. The spread was also found at the same market, which really surprised me. It comes in a glass jar, which surprised me again. These were super simple to make but taste like you used ingredients found in a specialty food store. And honestly, I made these while Ava slept so if any of you have or have had a 4 month old you know the sleeping is touch and go at best. Oh and you should know, I didn’t pipe anything. I spooned the filling in ramekins and then spooned the whipped cream on top before serving. I try to not be so fancy shamncy. (I kid…if I COULD pipe this stuff I totally would but the last time I tried to pipe filling into a cupcake, the bag exploded and I looked like I came in second at a chocolate pudding wrestle fest).

The entire meal was a huge success. Everyone loved everything, especially ABP. What makes me nervous because next year I have to up the ante for the birthday dinner. Or I’ll just make this again, I’m betting he won’t know the difference.




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