Two minutes to deliciousness

19 Sep

Tonight I really didn’t make anything exciting. I had a busy day so dinner was simply baking some fish, whipping up a quick pasta tossed in garlic infused olive oil, crushed red pepper flakes and salt, and a side of green beans (jordyn’s choice). Seriously, to say this exact meal could be found in your average tv dinner would be fair and accurate, but it was good and my peeps ate every bit.

Dessert, however, was pinned a few days ago and tested tonight. I found this and thought, ‘whoa, a brownie in two minutes. No way.’. Well guess what, YES way. Here’s how it went down.

Jordyn helped measure, mix and stir the ingredients and then we made the magic happen in the good ole microwave. We ended up doing three reps of 30 seconds before it reached the spongy consistency mentioned in the recipe. The end result was perfect.

We divided it up into our cute little dessert cups, topping them, of course, with a bit of vanilla ice cream, a dollop of whipped topping and a dash of multi colored sprinkles. The only thing we lacked was a cherry on top but now that I say that, we actually had those too. Next time.

I think I’ll make these again tomorrow night when aldemar is here. He seems to like this type of thing. Now, if you want a lot of brownie you shouldn’t share this with two other people. But for us it was perfect.

So the next time you want something sweet, sure you could grab a handful of grapes but really, wouldn’t a quick chocolate brownie REALLY get the job done better? Yes.. I thought so too.



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