Chicken chili

30 Sep

I know it’s been a while since we talked but seriously, Ava no longer sleeps like she used to. So I’m on Ava duty all the time. In fact, the only reason I’m able to do this now is because she decided to nap after 2oz of formula. So I better get moving on this meal.

I always have chicken in the freezer. And ever since ABP saw it on sale at Costco, I have even MORE chicken in my freezer. So much it scares me. But I’ll use it.

This meal was very simple. I did nothing different from the instructions. Well I didn’t have corn so that was omitted. I also used 2 tablespoons of my home made taco seasoning. Other than that, I made this perfectly according to directions. Oh! I used one can of rotel instead of separate cans as listed in the recipe.

It was absolutely delicious. I served this over steamed white rice and topped it, mine anyway, with freshly grated cheddar cheese. Jordyn loved it, as did ABP. He took some leftovers to work and a friend / coworker had a taste and asked me for the recipe. (shout out to evelyn!) sorry it took me this long to post the recipe. Better late than never right?!

So the next time you have a freezer full of chicken and need a meal that’s ready when you walk in the door, give this a try. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.



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