Remember me?

25 Oct

Ok so yes I’m aware it’s been DAYS since my last post, ok WEEKS, maybe even months I’m really not sure. But I have been busy. Lots going on. What’s really sad is that I truly can’t remember what I’ve been doing. Having a 5 month old will do that to ya I guess.

So have you seen the hits about making hard cooked eggs in the oven? Well I have and I was intrigued. So in an attempt to eat better, read:lose weight, I decided hard cooked eggs would be a great addition to a healthy plan. So I popped six into a muffin tin and baked the, for 25 minutes in a 350 degree oven. I must say it was quite perfect. I let them cool a bit in the pan then transferred them into a bowl of ice water. The shells peeled off perfectly and they tasted great. I’m not including the pin because seriously, I just told you how to do it and there’s no need to force you to click on a series of links. So there you go. You’re welcome.

I also made the pork tenderloin again. Just LOVE that dish. If you’ve not made it yet, what on EARTH are you waiting for? Your whole house will smell like thanksgiving! YUM!

Well sadly this will have to be a short entry. Ava has woken up because the local fire dept decided to blast their sirens to exit their driveway. Dammit. So she’s up. Sitting up in her bed actually. Maybe his shorter nap means she will go to sleep earlier tonight. A mom can dream, right? I’m coming Ava kitty!!


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