i’m baaaaaaaaccccckkkkk!!!!

27 Nov

ok ok I know I’ve been gone for a while.  I swear I’ve been cooking still though.  While some things might not have been blog worthy (or they were repeats of blog worthy stuff), I have been cooking.  And trying to keep up with a 7 month old.  And trying to keep up with the never ending homework of a 5th grader who you would THINK is in college with the amount of work she’s got.  I digress. 

This post is about my 5th grader..  Jordyn had a birthday earlier this month and I made the dinner menu totally up to her.  I knew exactly what she’d pick though…  but to be sure, I asked her..  ‘what do you want for dinner on your birthday?’  she thought for a second and said, ‘BAKED ZITI!’  (say what??)  I was stunned.. but I said, ‘Oh alright.  I didn’t expect that but I can totally make that for you if that’s what you want.’  side note:  I have made baked ziti for ages ever since my cousin Daiana gave me her recipe.  I made it for two Christmas Eve dinners, ABP’s bday and another time I think.. it’s delish and not TOO terribly difficult to make.)  Seconds later, Jordyn said, ‘WAIT.. can I change it?’  I smiled and said sure.  ‘Okay, then I want, chicken tenders,’.. (mm hmm that’s what I thought.) ‘Luby’s mac and cheese.’ (mm hmm I knew it.) ‘and corn.’ (now you’re talking.)

So the chicken tenders she’s talking about I’ve already mentioned in another post.  Super easy and quite yummy..  Jordyn LOVES them.  The Luby’s mac and cheese is another one of her favorite things.  For those of you who don’t know what Luby’s is, it’s a cafeteria eatery.  I have no idea if it’s a Texas thing or a nationwide thing, but if you google ‘Luby’s mac and cheese’ you will find the recipe.  The secret is powdered milk and American cheese I think.  I’ve never been able to find shredded American cheese so I use the velveeta shreds..  it works and she hasn’t complained yet. 

The corn, well that’s the easiest of all..  a bag of frozen corn kernels, salt, pepper and butter…  done.  LOL 

The big ticket dish was her cake.  I told her I was making her cake myself and asked if she wanted me to tell her about it.  Jordyn said no..  I eventually told her one ingredient, oreo cookies..  she seemed to approve.  I found the inspiration for this ‘cake’ in a Kraft email and then found another one similar to it on Pinterest.  So in a way, I meshed them together. 

We were having a large family over for dinner and I knew the Kraft version would be too small, so I made the Kraft version but in the size of the one on Pinterest.  Here’s how it went down..

Line a 9 x 13 baking dish with foil leaving some to hang over the edges..  Layer about 8 – 10 (depending on how you arrange them) ice cream sandwiches on the bottom of the pan… get a tub of cool whip and a jar of hot fudge sauce (microwaved so it’s thinner) and blend the two into a wonderful, chocolatey cool whip…  spread that luscious stuff on top of the ice cream sandwich layer and then top with chopped up oreo cookies..  then add another layer of ice cream sandwiches and then cover the whole thing with regular cool whip.  I put mine in the freezer immediately after the cool whip finale and let it chill overnight.  The morning of Jordyn’s party I took it out of the baking dish and onto a cardboard sheet I covered in foil..  then I ‘frosted’ the sides with more cool whip and topped the whole thing with more oreos..  Back into the freezer it went til it was time to serve it. 

Let me tell you…  this thing is SOOOO good.  You truly have no idea until you try it for yourself.  Jordyn LOVED the sight of it, the taste of it and so did everyone else.  I sadly don’t have a picture of mine because it didn’t occur to me at the time but when I make it again, and I’m sure I will be making it again, I promise to share a pic with you guys… 

So, I didn’t pin it here for you…  mostly because I’m using a new laptop (yes, laptop daiana – I didn’t return it for the MacBook pro…  cuz I just couldn’t spend the money and I really liked this) and I’m trying to figure out how this wordpress app works in the windows 8 environment…  when I get it figured out, you’ll know.  until then, I’ll try to make my entries as detailed as possible… 

Now, do yourself a favor and make this ice cream ‘cake’ for your household…   and I don’t care if it IS cold outside…  you simply MUST make this soon…  🙂 


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