cookie monsters

3 Dec


I found a recipe on pinterest for chocolate chip cookies.  I mean, who DOESN’T have a recipe for these things right?  But the comments on this one said, ‘I threw away my other recipe!’ or ‘I will never make another chocolate chip cookie again!!’  so from those, I had to try it out.

i’ll tell you, I didn’t think they were all that.  but ABP and jordyn loved them.  I’ll also tell you, when I tasted the cookie dough – IT was divine.  They bake up oddly tho which concerned me.  I used a cookie scoop and the first batch didn’t spread out at all.  The second and third batches didn’t either but what I did differently for those was to pat them down before baking.  I think this worked better.

The cookies aren’t overly sweet, which is one reason ABP loves them I think. They are very easy to make also.  Chances are you have everything in your pantry. Surprisingly, I did.  They were easy to mix up and bake.  A perfect treat for an after school snack.  I do think these are better when paired with a glass of cold milk..  (soy milk is my choice but go with YOUR favorite).

So head over to the plain chicken blog and check these out for yourself.  They weren’t my favorite, but hey, it’s a chocolate chip cookie…  there are no bad ones!!

(side note: the image is from the plain chicken site..  mine didn’t have the pretty color so I used the photo from the original blog). 🙂


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