Abra Cadabra

7 Jan

So tonight I made a family favorite: smothered chicken. I’ve mentioned it before. You remember- chicken, BBQ sauce, bacon and cheese. Yeah. It’s pretty good. So go find that one and make it if you haven’t already.

I wanted a dessert for my first official ‘2014 blog kick off’ so I came across this magic cake from the Jo Cooks blog.. It was pretty. Had good reviews. Most importantly, I had everything on hand to make it. So make it I must.

I thought for sure I had done something wrong when I was folding the whipped egg whites into the super thin batter but it seemed to come out perfectly. The top was a pretty golden brown. I didn’t know how else to check for doneness (is that a word?) except to use a skewer. So I did that after an hour and it was perfectly done.

I let it cool like Jo advised and after waiting a couple hours (I cheated and used the frig’s help to cool it completely) I sliced her up.

And guess what. I had THREE LAYERS!!! Even I was surprised. The dense bottom layer. The middle custard layer and the top spongy layer. I couldn’t believe it. So we all tasted it and decided we had mixed reviews. The one thing we all agreed on was that we weren’t sure we would have it again. ABP said it tasted too eggy. I didn’t think so. I actually thought the flavors were good. My issue was with the consistency. It was too spongy I think. Like French toast that didn’t sit on the hot griddle long enough. Jordyn said she didn’t like the texture either.

Jo says its best the day you make it but I somehow think it MIGHT be better after chilling all night long (all night) in the frig. We shall see in the morning.

So I can’t say tonight was a total success but it wasn’t a flop either. Everyone wins with new recipes simply because they’ve tried something new.

Hop over to Jo Cooks and check out her other fun recipes. She’s got good ones!!



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