The Bread

8 Jan

First i’ll confess I didn’t actually MAKE this tonight. But I HAVE made it before. Many times. I took tonight off and heated up some fish from Costco, which Ava LOVED when we got the sample at Costco but somehow when I MAKE it- not so much. Anywho. She ate a peanut butter sandwich before you get all, ‘I hope you fed her SOMETHING!’, on me.

Now. Down to business. This recipe comes straight from the Pioneer a Woman herself, are Drummond. I love her. I love her recipes. I love this bread. You will too. Trust me.

It’s probably the easiest recipe ever: a loaf of French bread and butter. Lots and lots of glorious buttah.

I’ve been tempted to tweak it by rubbing a garlic clove over the bread but it’s so good as is, I’m afraid I won’t like it as much. If you don’t already check in regularly at her site you’re missing out. That link will take you straight to this yummy bread and if you’re making a shopping list, do yourself a favor and add this to the list. You won’t be sorry.

Tomorrow i’ll have two reviews for you. One from PW and one from I forget who. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

Happy carb eating!



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