What do you want with your chicken? BACON!

1 Aug

Today we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. Might not have been a good time to make a meal with hints of sweetness since the hubby (who asked to be known by his initials AB, but I like AB positive cuz it’s funny.) doesn’t like sweet with savory dishes, but I seldom follow the rules so I made this anyway. Maybe it’s payback for how he woke me up this morning. You wanna hear a funny story (or read one)? Check this out.

We have a small zoo in our home. Two cats who know no boundary and one dog a chihuhaha (we had the cats first so I knew we needed a small dog the cats could dominate. I feared Maggie the cat would poop in our shoes if Chloe the dog bothered her. But since she’s small they don’t seem to mind.). Wendy kitty, my beloved neurotic cat, is a big girl. She’s a Maine coon mix and I just love her. In turn, she loves me. So much that she likes to sleep on my pillow at night. Beside my head. She’s always done this even before we got married, so to me this is normal and I don’t care much. AB positive is less than amused. At 630 AM, after Ava decided she wanted to party til midnight, my husband goes to the bathroom and sees Wendy in her slumber beside my head. Out of nowhere I feel this profound WHACK on top of my head. And in an instant he knew it wasn’t Wendy he smacked, but me. I looked at him in confusion and he apologized, kissing my head and said, ‘happy anniversary’. We both laughed and I was reminded why I married him. Not cuz he’s a cat abuser or a wife beater (I promise you he’s neither) it’s because he’s a dork.

Now the real reason you’re here… Food! So tonight I made this and it was delish! Here’s what I did slightly different. First, if you recall I don’t have a grill and I banned use of my grill pan after the kabob incident. So I baked these in the oven. I placed a cooling rack on top of a cookie sheet so the chicken wouldn’t be swimming in grease. I also sprayed the heck out of it with cooking spray.

I have no idea how much spices I used, but I just laid the chicken tenders (I had 4 boneless skinless breasts cut into 3-4 slices each.) on a board and sprinkled each of the seasonings on top. They were all nicely coated with the goodness when all was said and done. My bacon was normal run of the mill bacon, but cut a tad on the thicker side. I rolled my tenders in the brown sugar, put them on the rack and into the oven. After about 30-40 minutes the bacon didn’t seem crispy so I turned on the broiler to speed up that process. Worked like a charm. I will say the bottom of the bacon wasn’t super crispy but it was still good.

I served this up with veggies and steamed rice. The entire family loved it and out of 14 tenders, ZERO are left.

This was very easy, very yummy and the kids voted to keep this in the rotation. If you want to irritate a non sweet entree eater in your household or just try something different, check this out. I think you’ll enjoy it.



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